The quest for perfection

The movie Equilibrium shows Libria, a future world without war, without anger, without conflicts. Can you imagine that?

The quest for perfection

Reader Comment October 25, Alison Moore Smith October 25, No fair responding with insider information!

My spices are alphabetized and my pantry sometimes looks like a Tupperware ad. I believe this syndrome comes with certain legal protections. But, as I told my dear friend Kendra personally, my point was that these strange obsessions have nothing whatsoever to do with salvation.

So, go ahead, be bold. Put your coriander bottle before the allspice! Link Tinkerbell October 25, Part of me was a little fascinated I am extremely organized, but she blew me out of the waterand part of me felt a little sad for her.

I have the great opportunity to work for James J. I know I can never be perfect in this life time; not with my light-hearted, whimsical approach which includes a disdain for details. I loved this article. Link klgreen1 October 25, Like Kathy, I think striking a happy medium between sackcloth and ashes and lightmindedness is the answer.

Neither has anything to do with perfection, do they? I have enjoyed reading what other women in the church think about this subject. I am 73 years old and have thought about this a great deal. I have a Stake President who put a new spin on the subject. If you read Matthew 5: This sure makes it easier to obey.

It may just be in one thing but we can add to that as we perfect ourselves. Thanks for being such a good example! Link Alison Moore Smith October 25, Now there are people who annoy or bother or irritate or try us all.

But when someone willfully, wantonly perpetrates evil on someone I am reminded of those who persecuted the Savior and am in awe at how he responded to them.

Link Jeannie Vincent October 25, More power to you in your quest for perfection in this area. I think your idea of having a gathering place for all the sisters who actively visit your web site is great.

The quest for perfection

I believe the idea of a community here at Mormon Momma is really a great idea and it will be very successful because of your targeted audience. But, the one thing I am finding very intimidating from the get-go is the comments that are already posted. My plate business, personal, and callings is very full.

I would be far more inclined to participate in the published comments if I were able to tell about my specific challenges and get feedback from other sisters as to how they are improving with similar challenges.

I know this sounds very harsh when we all have the same eternal goals that we are striving for.

An anonymous sister writes:

But, we are all at different stages of progression and different positions in life. I love to recommend your site to friends who have not yet found it. I also enjoy forwarding some of your articles to my two non-member Family History Center shift partners.The quest for perfection.

September 20, SPECIFICATIONS By Alan L. Atkinson, CSI, CCS, AIA You can call it quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC), or quality management—in my view, the process is the same, requiring planning, monitoring, and management.

Some management tools can assist you in your quest for perfection. Checklists One method for starting your own quality-control checklist is to document the items that have been problematic for your firm, organize the list, and use it to check current and future projects.

The quest for perfection

The Quest For Perfection There's no such thing as zero defects, particularly when you don't know for sure what needs to be tested. Striving for perfection has plagued many people. But no one can be perfect and learn at the same time. Strive for improvement, not perfection.

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Alison says:

Striving for perfection has plagued many people. Recently a parent wrote to me the following: “My oldest son is very good at math but resistant to practicing his language arts. The source of his problem seems to be that he feels he is not ‘the best’ or ‘perfect’ in this area.

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