Spartacus movie essay

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Spartacus movie essay

I slipped in fell in the hot Libyan sand. Then, this large Thracian came to my aid. He threw off my pack, of which I had carried up from the mine. The guards ordered him to leave me yet still he stayed.

One of the guards then tried to physically move him. The Thracian then turned around and grabbed the soldier. They both slid down the sheer slope.

When the tangle finally stopped the Thracian grabbed the ankle of the guard and bit his Achilles tendon. The guard screamed out in intense pain from the injury. Another of the guards came up behind my friend and struck him across the back of the head, rendering him unconscious.

Spartacus movie essay

Having put up with this specific slave enough the guards decided to make an example of him by having him bound to a rock and starved to death. This is how Lentulus Batiatus found Spartacus.

Lentulus was searching for new recruits for his gladiator training camp in Capua, when he stumbled upon Spartacus tied to a rock.

His purchase of Spartacus would affect Rome like only a soothsayer could predict.

Life at the gladiator camp was neither easier nor safer than in the mines of Libya. Spartacus was put through a rigorous physical training course. He is taught to fight with the Thracian short sword and shield. After several weeks of being in the camp, Crassus, a senator with an extreme love for the city of Rome, stops by to buy two pairs of gladiators to fight to the death.

One of those pairs includes Spartacus and a gladiator named Draba.

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The fight was long, with both fighters intent on winning. Spartacus was defeated, but his victor refused to kill him, instead threw his trident up into the elevated stands of the senator. When he charged Crassus, the senator quickly put an end to his life.

After this event, Crassus hurriedly left, but he was convinced by Lentulus to purchase a slave woman named Varinia. Unfortunately for Crassus and Lentulus, Varinia had fallen in love with Spartacus. Distraught over the lost of his lover, Spartacus started a revolt.

This revolt left Spartacus in control of Capua and all of the surrounding areas, including all of the local slaves. As this is happening, conspiracy is abroad in the Senate. Gracchus has convinced Crassus' friend, Marcus Glabrus, to take the Garrison of Rome out to crush the revolt.

This would leave the city open to be controlled by Julius Caesar. On his way back, Crassus purchases yet another slave. The slave's name is Antoninus, and he is a singer of learning songs, from Sicily.

Hearing of Spartacus through his master, Antoninus leaves, in search of Spartacus and his army. Spartacus reviews some new recruits, assigning them positions according to their skills.

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Antoninus, who is among them, identifies himself as a poet and illusionist. Later he entertains the slave army, but he is determined to be a soldier, indirectly commenting on the relation between politics and art. Spartacus is reunited with Varinia, who had escaped from the portly Batiatus: After destroying the Garrison of Rome, Spartacus outlines his plan to escape by sea, aboard the ships of the Cillian pirates, whom he is able to pay from the plunder the slave army has amassed.

Rome sends armies to stop the rebellion, but Spartacus defeats all of them. Crassus resigns from the Roman Senate, apparently to share the disgrace of his friend Glabrus, of who has been exhiled due to his poor decision has cost the Garrison of Rome many of its soldiers.

However, Gracchus suspects he is waiting for the situation to become so desperate that the senators will make him dictator of Rome, thus neutralizing Gracchus' rival party.In December we watched a movie called Spartacus.

This was a movie about a Roman slave forced into a life obedience and hatred. Spartacus was taken to a Gladiator school to become a slave.

There he learned all the things that would make him become a great gladiator.. The Roman life was really. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, Spartacus is an epic portrayal of life during the era of the Roman Empire.

The film stars a younger Kurt Douglas as Spartacus who is sold into the hands of a gladiator dealer after biting a Roman soldier on the leg. History: Ancient term papers (paper ) on Spartacus: Spartacus Spartacus was born in Thrace and was sold into slavery by his mother before he was He had worked as a slave in a mine.

When he. Term paper Spartacus essaysThe story of Spartacus is much more than an historical account of the man who led the slave revolt in Rome. It is a story of universal appeal and through the texts this is portrayed as we learn the life story of a relatively minor historical figure who develops into a powerful symbol.

Spartacus is a American epic historical drama film directed by Stanley Kubrick, written by Dalton Trumbo, and based on the novel of the same title by Howard Fast.

A detailed and comprehensive film synopsis, analysis, and critique.

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