Raw papers cones for sale

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Raw papers cones for sale

Does your puppy seem to eat everything — grass, dirt, sticks, rocks? Original Post The original content for this post is below, followed by a major addition we made to update new research and learnings we have come across to help dog owners address this issue.

A common complaint among those living with puppies is that they eat everything they can when outside. While some dogs can easily get sick from some of these things, others seem to be able to eat just about anything and seem just fine.

However, some of this behavior with puppies and sometimes older dogs too is natural and not something to get too worried about. As with other areas of our lives, we have to learn to pick our battles.

I see some clients who panic at their puppies chewing on a stick or a pine cone. I never made a big deal about it when Romeo was a puppy, but I did watch him carefully.

As with anything, items put in mouths can become choking hazards. Sticks can get lodged in throats. But so can bones and toys. If some people knew how many sticks Romeo ate when he was a puppy and adolescent, they would be appalled!

Yep, I did let him chew on sticks. No, of course not, but he had a great desire to chew and on my income, I can only afford so many bully sticks! Many puppies eat grass and dirt. Is it harmful to them?

Raw papers cones for sale

In most cases, no. But you do need to think about where this grass and dirt is coming from. We do not use any pesticides on our property and Romeo eats grass pretty much every day on our walks. He throws up maybe once a year.

Most puppies will outgrow their desire to eat everything. For others, the behavior will lessen but perhaps not go away entirely. However, if we make too big a deal out of it, then it can become a more obsessive behavior that turns into a more serious problem.

Decide whether it really needs to be a battle between you and your puppy or if you can let some of it go. Updated Content The content below includes a significant addition to the original post above. Since we get a lot of traffic and comments to this post, we wanted to update it with research coupled with many things we have learned about dog health, and provide a roadmap for helping dog owners find and treat the root causes for why their dog may be engaging in this activity.

In medical terminology, the two broad areas we want to consider for issues related to this article are: PICA, which is the persistent craving and compulsive eating of nonfood substances; Coprophagia, which is the eating and ingesting of feces.


Coprophagia may actually be less of an issue than PICA, which we will explain later. We will start by saying that this may not be an easy issue to solve for many dog owners.

As we recommend in our summary, it can take persistent trial and error by the dog owner to start, followed by working with a dog health care practitioner if the issue is still not resolved. It is not something relatively simple like your dog limping on a back leg, which is generally confined to an issues in the foot, leg or back.

Dog Log If your dog engages on a persistent basis the behavior associated with PICA and coprophagia, then you will want to start a dog log to so you can identify where it is occurring, when it is occurring and what else is going on around the dog when it is happening.

A dog log is critically important because you can record details that you would normally forget. Writing down or typing in the details will also help you become more aware of circumstances that might cause them so that you will be more proactive about keeping them from happening.

The dog log will also help you, through trial and error, to see if and how the problem changes as you do things to help stop it. We keep our own health log for our dogs that varies in how often we post to it.

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For things like vet visits, tests performed, changes in diet, physical issues that might come up like limps, skin scratches or knicks, etcwe record.

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Raw papers cones for sale

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