Long term causes of the bacon

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Long term causes of the bacon

I am often asked if the chaos will subside, and — the good news, it will — to a certain extent. Usually Long term causes of the bacon this period, teams are learning how to collaborate and work through conflicts.

In addition to the people learning to work with one another, there are plenty of established organizational structure and culture barriers that slow the progress of a team forming.

Although most agile process frameworks e. Scrum or Extreme Programming are fairly easy and well documented, it takes time and practice to learn the mechanics.

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Couple this with 1, and well — there can be some real challenges to getting things done. This may seem redundant, but it really cannot go under emphacized.

Long term causes of the bacon

In addition to learning about each other and learning the process frameworks, as engineers — we are constantly learning about technologies, learning about our products, learning about our customers, well — just getting smarter.

Needless to say, this all adds up. If you ever have watched the Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel, you get to see the struggles and pains of the first time deckhands — called Greenhorns. They are often way over their heads, running into challenges around every corner, and are just flat out exhausted.

In addition to physically and mentally killing themselves, they are trying to prove themselves. Well, this is true with just about every new team member. Not only are they dealing with items above, the intensity of the learning is magnified and until they have some wins and time under their belt, chaos exists.

Defects take a ton more time and energy than building it right in the first place. Without automation your going to find it almost impossible or at least extremely constraining to effectively and efficiently deliver with quality in a predictable manner. The other challenge around automation is some see it solely as an end-of-line UI automation thing where a couple engineers work on it — test automation is a holistic challenge and needs to be treated as such.

The cadence surrounds the process touch points that require formal communication which help us to build habits; thus, making the process aspects of agile software development more muscle memory.

If you feel like you are always in meetings or your iteration meetings are not occurring at the same Bat-Time and same Bat-Place, it might be time to reset — your cadence is lost.

Long term causes of the bacon

Projects are the problem — or at least the traditional sense and meaning of a project drives the idea of fixed scope and fixed schedule. A project is temporary in that it has a defined beginning and end in time, and therefore defined scope and resources. Estimation and for that matter, Capacity is Not Understood.

We often see teams measuring productivity units of time versus being measured as units of value. This is the case even in mature agile shops. Everyone is so focused on trying to come up with a voodoo formula to determine capacity of a team or organization and another voodoo formula to normalize story points across teams in order to build a long-term plan based on the cooked up numbers.

Agile Software Development is an adaptive approach to estimation and capacity. We work with what we know, we measure value, we assess complexity, and we often simply size efforts based on relative uncertainty.

Oh, if only it could be that simple … it is. Okay, this was just my brainstorming or brain dump literally of ten things that cause chaos in software development, in particular in the situations where an agile adoption or reshaping is underway.

Just keep in mind, change is constant in business — now, more so than ever. Software development is complex, so are people.Better Than Good Bacon Jam Recipes or send this Clinicians need to recognize insulin resistance in children and teens.

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