Human resource management 30 essay

Essay on Human Resource Management! Human resource management is a separate and specialised function which all managers need to perform.

Human resource management 30 essay

December 19, Human Resource Management encompasses ways to manage the human skills and talent and ensure that they work to achieve the organizational goals.

Over my previous classes, I have learned a lot about the various aspect that institute the Human Resource Management that include employee and labor relation, compensation and benefit, safety and health, and human resource development.

Similarly, I was able to learn how human resource management employs EEO and affirmative action, and the planning, recruitment and selection process. In this paper, I will provide a reflection on a brief description of how the various aspects of Human Resource Management can be applied together to perform the primary function of human resource management.

I had previously worked with the human resource department in a food retailing company, and they kept on bringing capable human assets to perform duties and responsibilities that will make the company competitive in the market. Other than our various jobs, the company ensured we employ ethical culture within the company and relate well to the executives, managers, and other employees.

The human resource planning is the most important role in the department and can be explained as ways an organization can assess and plan for its future. Precisely, it involves what the company needs to survive and how it should be applied.

On a further note, the HR planning process involves estimating capacity, researching and evaluating deployment of resources and identifying and handling human talent. Planning is an ongoing process since the organizations are always affected by the internal and external business environment.

Before an organization can start working on their strategic plan, they are required to use the following four steps. First, the company should determine its mission, assess the environment, set the objectives and lastly set the strategic plan.

The human resource department should also present themselves with a challenge, but it should be easy for the workforce to attain at the start.

Human resource management 30 essay

Job analysis and design in human resource involve specifying responsibilities in certain jobs. It helps the managers understand and comprehend what the jobs entail and how they should be performed to maximize the productivity within the company.

Some of the detailed critical information collected for job analysis include human behavior, job context, work activities, equipment and performance records. Also, the human resource managers have the role to plan, direct and coordinate their functions in the company.

They mainly involve in recruiting, interviewing and hiring new workers. Precisely, the measures human resource managers use in the recruitment process include advertising for jobs, screening, interviewing, and testing the potential employees. The human resource managers consider selection and job fit to determine whether the potential employees meet the requirements of the job, and they will choose the best person from the group.

Besides, the qualified employees will make the organization successful and ensure it withstands the competitive nature of the market. Their responsibilities cover every area of Human Resource Management in an organization.

Also, they bridge the gap between the management and the employees. I am currently working with Wal-Mart, a leading food retailing company. My first application for an intern position in the Human Resource Department was through online means. The company has experienced the frequent changes in technology and employed the same in its recruitment processes.

Therefore, every person willing to apply for jobs in Wal-Mart should use the online platform. The positive thing is that the application process has been simplified and made easy.


Moreover, because of the current and future trend in internet use, companies have taken a new twist regarding their recruitment process. They have discarded the old jobs boards and newspaper posts and switched to recruiting employees through the internet. Employers have benefited a lot from the online recruiting process, and they include the following.Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management Strategic human resource management is the process of integrating human resources function with the strategic objectives of the organization.

In, order to achieve organization goal. Human Resource Management is a complex discipline with a broad range of issues, which can be developed in one's HRM term paper.

This science, first of all, studies management problems of personnel by a long-term strategic policy of the organization. Human Resource Management January 18th, admin Recently, human resources (HR) recruiters have utilized their company Web site job board, online job boards, social media, and other industry-specific job boards or Web sites to fill all types of positions.

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