Grassland features landscape

Non-agricultural area or feature which is temporary and likely to change over time ineligible area NA02 An area of land which is normally agricultural but the intensity, nature, duration, and timing of non-agricultural activity significantly interferes with agricultural activity. Heaps that are in the same place for 3 years or more should always be treated as permanent non-agricultural features.

Grassland features landscape

Kessler Switzerland re-elected for EGF The atmosphere and surroundings were unique. But above all very competent experts were responsible for the organization and execution of the event. Congratulations and thank you Karl Buchgraber, Erich Poetsch and Bernhard Krautzer and the whole team for the great success and for the warm hospitality.

Apart from forests, natural and managed grasslands are the dominating vegetation in these areas. In terms of the production function mountain grasslands are often characterised as disadvantaged land areas.

But in terms of landscape and ecosystem services, mountainous grasslands are a valuable resource for society. However production as well as the other functions are threatened by the consequences of economic pressure on farmers, inadequate farm structure, globalisation of markets and processes like climate change, intensification and land abandonment.

The conference synthesis by Prof. Johannes Isselstein can be downloaded from here. They made the EGF conference to all attendants a memorable event. The mellow atmosphere of late summer provided a perfect environment for a successful arrangement and some of the most beautiful sites of Germany impressively presented themselves showing their diverse landscapes as well as variable forage crops.

Only recently have they started to become a source for biogas production. Due to the increasing competition with alternative forage crops as e. Thus, ecosystem services of permanent grassland beyond production functions play a dominant role in current discussions on the future of grassland and grass-arable rotations are discussed intensively in order to develop sustainable forage production systems for milk production.

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The discussion also included ideas about how to retain, maintain and utilise grassland in areas where its use for animal production will not be a top priority. Czech Republic is one of the countries with a high share of arable land and low proportion of permanent grassland. But grassland is decreasingly used in animal production.

This raises new questions and offers new alternatives in land use and utilisation of grassland biomass. The main goal of the Symposium therefore was to discuss several alternative functions of grassland: Please find a description of the outcome of the 15th EGF Symposium here.Explore Claremont, a beautiful National Trust landscape garden in Surrey surrounding a small lake and featuring an amphitheatre.

The Tempelhof switchyard, a typical derelict railway site, was gradually scaled down after the Second World War and completely shut down in In the space of just 50 years a diverse, species-rich natural oasis developed in the heart of a major city, with rich dry grassland, jungle-like woodland.

Grassland features landscape

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EGF 26 th EGF General Meeting on "The Multiple Roles of Grassland in the European Bioeconomy". The 26 th EGF General Meeting was held in Norway, from September at the Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel in Trondheim (see more at

The Conference on „The Multiple Roles of Grassland in the . Product Features Ideal for landscape walls, decks, posts and beam construction and more.

Grassland features landscape

EGF 18 th EGF Symposium on “Grassland and forages in high output dairy farming systems”. The 18 th EGF Symposium was held in Wageningen, The Netherlads, from June in Hof van Wageningen (see more at

The Conference on a current theme for a large area of Europe attracted a total of participants from 30 different countries.

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