Fated attraction

A man and a woman approach each other, coming to meet at the time that was predetermined by their Higher Selves, who are shown above them, translucent and shining. With this card you are coming to a very important relationship in your life. Either it is entirely new, or an existing relationship is being lifted to a much higher experience.

Fated attraction

Fated Attraction Amarjit not her real name and Simon meet most days, often for only an hour, at lunchtime or after work. In the four years they have known each Fated attraction, they have spent a couple of holidays together, with Amarjit telling her parents she was visiting a girlfriend in France.

They hope one day they may be able to live together but they are in their late 20s and Fated attraction that, for them, time is running out. I spent three years away studying and I now work with mostly English people.

Obviously I am influenced by the outside world. As a woman, I am not even allowed to drink alcohol. Women are treated like second-class citizens with no opinions. We met through work and started having lunch together.

I do worry that he will get fed up and end it all. I felt I could no longer keep our relationship a secret and I told my father about Simon. He was very shocked and he hit me really hard. It is terrifying when people you love threaten you.

My mother says that if I ran off with an English man she would kill herself. What would she and Dad have to live for, she says. Honour and tradition are what matters. Asian marriages are not so much of two people as of two families; this, they say, gives a marriage strength.

I am only told about it two hours before they arrive, usually with their mother and sisters, who look me up and down to see if I am pretty enough. I have to get dressed in Indian clothes and wait upstairs until I am called.

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We greet each other and talk Punjabi, and we are never allowed to be alone. It makes me laugh when they ask, within minutes of meeting me, how many children I want. But my family say I should just answer the questions to please the man — say yes, I love doing housework — then do what I want when I am married.

If I knew Simon would be waiting for me, I could go through with a marriage to please my parents, then divorce.Carole Mortimer is one of Mills & Boon's best loved Modern Romance authors.

Fated attraction

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Fated attraction

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4 a: causing death a fatal crash a fatal disease a fatal wound b: bringing ruin a fatal attraction to gambling c: causing failure a fatal design flaw Lack of sufficient support was fatal to his campaign.

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