An analysis of the police brutality

Pin In a given year, 4, people are killed by police brutality in Brazil1, in the U. In England and Wales, only 55 people have been shot in the past 24 years. While the high rate of fatal shootings in the U.

An analysis of the police brutality

American Culture, Values, and Patriotism Themes and Colors LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in All American Boys, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

Racism, Stereotyping, and Police Brutality ThemeTracker

All American Boys is centered around an incident of police brutality: The novel shows how the attack shocks and disturbs the town of Springfield, while also emphasizing that this incident is representative of a broader problem of racist police violence that affects the entire country.

Crucially, this extends beyond the particular issue of police brutality and into less severe manifestations of racism, such as the differential treatment of black students versus white students at Springfield High.

Not only does the novel depict the different ways in which racism manifests itself in everyday life, it also explores the fundamental reasons that racism exists, showing how it can be perpetuated even by those who do not mean to cause harm.

The novel indicates that police brutality is based on the psychological foundation of stereotypes, hypocrisy, and fear, which are exacerbated by the abuse of power and excessive authority. The novel also emphasizes that while white people may be more susceptible to believing such negative stereotypes, these stereotypes can also affect black people too.

This incident suggests that the animosity between black people and the police is bigger than individuals——rather than being grounded in the race or beliefs of a given police officer, it is a structural issue. This demonstrates the insidious power of racism and suggests that it is perhaps unrealistic to imagine that anyone—even black people themselves—can erase racist stereotypes from their thinking on their own.

Instead, these stereotypes must be tackled collectively as the students and teachers at Springfield Central High attempt through their organization of the protest in order to create lasting change.

An analysis of the police brutality

Racism and stereotypes do not just impact the way the black characters in the novel interact with the police. The reasoning behind this is that black hairstyles and clothing associated with black culture particularly poorer black communities are associated with negative stereotypes about black people.

As the novel shows, the problem with respectability politics is that it places the blame and responsibility of repelling racism onto black people.

15 Workable Thesis Statements On Police Brutality

This logic is backwards, because it is black people who are the victims of racism; regardless of how they dress and behave, they cannot exempt themselves from racism, and should not be forced to take on that responsibility.

As a young black man, Rashad is subject to the racist assumptions that he is violent, steals, and uses drugs. In reality, he does none of these things; he specifically mentions that he has never stolen anything and, later in the novel, English points out that Rashad has also never used drugs.

Racial stereotyping is thus revealed to be self-perpetuating, creating a vicious cycle of negative expectations, stereotypes, and brutality. The novel was written in response to the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, two black teenagers shot and killed by white people who were not convicted of the murders.

Martin was 17 a year older than Rashad and only carrying a bag of skittles when George Zimmerman shot him; the detail that Rashad is holding a bag of chips when he is arrested and beaten by Paul recalls Martin and the skittles. Mike Brown, meanwhile, was killed by a police officer while his hands were in the air.

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Again, this is linked to the brutality with which Paul treats Rashad even though he is unarmed and innocent. The killings of Martin and Brown helped spark the Black Lives Matter movement, which tackles the issues of anti-black racism, police brutality, and mass incarceration.

All-American Boys contributes to the ongoing conversation around these issues and highlights the way in which young people are often at the forefront of anti-racist activism in the contemporary moment. How often theme appears:to discrimination by police or explained by other factors at the time of the incident is a question of tremendous social importance, and the subject of this paper.

A primary obstacle to the study of police use of force has been the lack of readily available data. Though this specific moment of police brutality spurs the action of the novel, author Angie Thomas also presents excessive force as part of a larger tapestry of racism and the criminalization of black communities in America as a whole.

Police brutality should be punished because it is a criminal offence. Brutality can be the reason for rank demotion in the police. Brutality is the sign of some psychological problems; therefore, such policemen should not work with people.

Police Brutality: A Global Incentive Analysis of Killer Cops - Brown Political Review

Sep 10,  · Spanish National Police block people trying to reach a polling station in Barcelona, Spain, on Oct. 1. Catalan leaders accused Spanish police of brutality and repression.

Thus, police brutality is a desperate attempt to combat bureaucratic insufficiency and combat MS violence in a pragmatic way. El Salvador is not a standalone example.

In Jamaica, a country of 2 million inhabitants, citizens were killed by law enforcement in The researchers analyze Police-Public Contact Survey (PPCS) data and Bureau of Justice Statistics Survey of Inmates in Local Jails (SILJ) data and conclude that an estimated % of all contacts result in police threats or use of force, while 20% of arrests do.

An analysis of the police brutality
Police Brutality: A Global Incentive Analysis of Killer Cops - Brown Political Review