A review of the movie the crucible

While dancing, they are caught by the local minister, Reverend Parris. A crowd gathers in the Parris home while rumors of witchcraft fill the town. John Proctor, a local farmer, then enters and talks to Abigail alone.

A review of the movie the crucible

Dec 16, Omar added it A finely-written fictional play, following fictionalized historic characters. An enjoyable quick read, that was part of a college world literature class.

We are told of the Salem Witch Trials, in a town adopting Puritan Christianity, where the inhabitants of Salem have behavioral expectations including covering up and constant prayer.

Such that mostly anything else is associated with the devil. Miller succeeds in painting a picture to illustrate the dichotomy, the utter black and whiteness, of m A finely-written fictional play, following fictionalized historic characters. Miller succeeds in painting a picture to illustrate the dichotomy, the utter black and whiteness, of morals in Salem.

In their community, good and evil are clear-cut. Even reading books is frowned upon in Miller's Salem, where one of the characters relates the occupancy of his wife reading books to his inability to pray. He comes in as the educated expert in the workings of evil.

Where everyone's seemingly clear knowledge of any sign of witchcraft astonishes him, to which he replies: When unwrapped, The Crucible demonstrates that the hunt for Lucifer's agents in Salem, is much like the hunt for Russian spies, in the American opposition of Communism ss. Miller aims to convey another idea, how "our opposites are always cloaked in sexual sin, and how it is from this unconscious conviction that demonology gains both its attractive sensuality and its capacity to infuriate and frighten.

As they've associated this with the devil, their opposite. Miller draws a similar parallel to the Russian view of Americans, and their burlesque shows. Whereas the Americans view "Russian attitudes toward women" as "lascivious" or lustful. Hale's discovery of Tituba's rituals assigns her the heavy task of pointing out anybody with connections to the Devil.

To reinforce the political connections Miller brings up, this event can be viewed as the discovery of spies with an allegiance to the other side without assigning the Devil's side to either Communism or capitalism.

Tituba is expected to behave as an "instrument of God", comparable to stories of exposed spies who are offered deal by their pursuers, in exchange for their lives.

All in all, Miller's composition offers a brilliant insight into two worlds, the one he implicitly criticizes and the one he explicitly describes.‘The Crucible’ Broadway Review: Ben Whishaw, Saoirse Ronan Battle Forces of Evil Ciaran Hinds and Sophie Okonedo also join the Salem foray in Ivo van Hove’s remarkable and disturbing new.

The Crucible - Film Review The Crucible: A Film Review Who'd have thought that simple dancing could cause so much chaos in a small town.

This is precisely what happens in the film The Crucible (Nicholas Hytner, ), which was originally written as a play by Arthur Miller. Based off a play by Arthur Miller that most likely everyone has read in high school, The Crucible is a two time Oscar nominated movie that tells a tale of villainy, hypocrisy, fear, and heroism.

The Crucible Name _____ Act I Movie Study Guide. 1. Why might the play/movie be called The Crucible? Consider the definitions on the board.

2. Describe the opening scene of the film when the viewer meets the girls. What are the girls asking for? Who sees the girls in the woods?

Act I Movie Study Guide.

A review of the movie the crucible

As the girls gather around Betty. The Crucible, written by famous American playwright Arthur Miller, is the story of John Proctor (Daniel Day Lewis) and his affair with Abigail Williams (Winona Ryder). Aug 04,  · This movie, although hard to watch, was fantastic.

If you like dramas I highly recommended it. Some of the visuals were very well done, great shots, and the use of music was great. It was a very powerful movie that gets you thinking. Watch it, if you can handle it.

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